Ski-bobbing Competition

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IFB Internacionální federace bobbingu – is an organization functioning in the Beskydy Mountains since 1993. IFB organizes sports and entertaining events for individuals and families, testing of ski-bobs available on Czech market and surveying routes suitable for ski-bobbing tourism. Each year IFB holds events with national and international participation. The traditional Judita’s downhill run. (December 29th – ski-bobbing down one of the Beskydy hills), world championship in ski-bobbing and IFB Masters are some of the most famous events.

Exhibition “The Magic of Christmas”


This annual exhibition is traditionally organized before Christmas by Mrs Marie Musilová together with Sbor pro občanské záležitosti (Committee for Civic Matters). Mrs. Musilová uses ginger-bread to make charming nativity scenes with dozens of figures, Christmas decorations, Christmas bulbs etc. The exhibition is always opened with the performance of children from the Jubilee school of T. G. Masaryk, where the exhibits are displayed. The much-frequented exhibition is open to public for the whole of December. When it closes down, the gingerbreads are sent to the Pardubice Gingerbread Museum. A similar exhibition called “Merry Easter” takes place before Easter.

Harvest Festival


Mr. Jan Tichavský, chairman of KDU-ČSL in Trojanovice has organized the festival since 1969. The harvest festivities continue the tradition that was broken off in the era of the First Czechoslovak Republic and symbolize thanksgiving for the summer crops.

Trojanovice Art Exhibition


In 2001 the civic association Karlovjané started to organize annual exhibitions of Trojanovice artists. The exhibitions take place every year in August at the Monument of the Strnadel Brothers and Jan Knebl. Trojanovice inhabitants exhibit their own handicrafts from burnt clay, wood metal, stone and cloth. Visitors can also see works by local painters and photographers.

Western Show


Every year, the second Saturday in July Trojanovice host the Western show under the guidance of Ivo and Markéta Rara from the Ranch at Žary. ( In addition to speed competitions for small and adult riders there are shows of whip and lasso handling, adrenalin “džigitovka” (trick riding) or drilling horses, such as laying down the horse. In the accompanying programme people can enjoy pony and carriage rides or choosing the most likeable pair – rider and horse.