Josef Mikeska

altfounder and chairman of the Sokol club

* March 14th, 1890, † March 31st, 1942 in Osvětim (Auschwitz)

Josef Mikeska was the chairman of the Sokol club and a vice-chairman of the fire brigade. He was tortured to death in the concentration camp Osvětim.

Vincenc Janda


* March 25th, 1908, † April 8th, 1982 Quayaquil in Ecuador

Vincenc Janda, Salesian coadjutor, decided to follow the teachings of Jan Bosco and sealed the decision with promises of poverty, purity and obedience. He worked as a missionary in Ecuador for 51 years, among others in the virgin forest among the native Kivars. He also taught at local grammar school, supervised several building projects and as an accountant he looked after 3,800 charges.

Drahomír Strnadel

altteacher and ethnography worker

* August 15th, 1941

Drahomír Strnadel has initiated many publications about the village of Trojanovice and emigration from the Frenštát area. He was one of the people who revived Matice Radhošťská society in 1994 and has been its chairman since then. He also chairs the Muzejní a vlastivědná společnost (Museum and Ethnography Society) in Frenštát p. R. Besides his publishing work he devotes his time to working with children and to his farm.

Josef Rek

altteacher and folk-song collector

* February 2nd, 1912, † May 1st, 1973

Josef Rek collected half-forgotten songs and created harmonization for three voices. He published them with B. Četyna with the title Trojanovice zpívají (Trojanovice are singing). He led the folk ensemble Radhošť.

Anna Šablaturová

altsinger and dancer

* May 27th, 1889, † September 9th, 1980

Anna Šablaturová was the most famous singer of folk songs in the Frenštát area; she was also a co-founder of Valašská družina (Wallachian club) and cooperated with Brněnský rozhlasový orchestr (Brno Radio Orchestra). She wrote down about 70 folk songs. With A. Křoupal they formed an excellent dancing pair.