National Nature Reserve Radhošť

National Nature Reserve Radhošť is among the most valuable parts of the Beskydy nature. It spreads on the northern slope of the memorable Mount Radhošť at 660m to 1129m above sea level. The area of 145 hectares is a home to a wide range of overgrowth typical of the highest elevation of the Moravskoslezské Beskydy (Moravian-Silesian Beskyds). The forest there (mostly spruce) is exposed to harsh climatic conditions, which causes the trees to form the so- called flag shape. These are followed by beech growth more then 180 (respectively 110) years old. The undergrowth lists for example sweet woodruff, wood anemone and majanthemum (May Lily); in damp places it is the snowdrop, corydalis, spleenwort, monk’s hood and dentaria gladulosa.