F. J. Troyer - the founder of the village

Ferdinand Julius, Count Troyer

altwas born on the 20th of January 1698 in Innsbruck. His father, František Antonín, a Chancellor of Tyrol and chamber counsel, was ennobled in 1697. His mother was Maria Maximiliana of Teuffenbach. On the 11th of November 1711, Ferdinand Julius received the Olomouc canonicate and on December 25th 1720 he took orders. In 1731 he became arcidiakon in Opava and since 1714 he was a scholastic in Olomouc. When the Church authorities transferred bishop Jakob Ernest from Olomouc to Salzburg, Count Troyer was appointed bishop of Olomouc (9th December 1745) and took orders on the 22nd January the following year. In May he was appointed chamber counsel and on October 9th 1746 he obtained the title of Counsel Imperial. On April 10th 1747 Pope Benedict XIV altappointed him cardinal. On the death of the Vienna archbishop,
Cardinal Kollonitsche (April 12th 1751) Count Troyer was nominated Protector of Germania. Bishop Troyer endeavoured to bring about the canonization of Jan Sarkander, unfortunately he did not succeed; the process was interrupted by the Pope’s death. Bishop Troyer spent the years 1754- 56 visiting the whole diocese. He had the Olomouc fortifications reinforced and three hunting lodges built on the outskirts of Vyškov; they were named Ferdinandsruh, Juliusburg and Troyerstein. In 1748 he established the village of Trojanovice as an award to the farmers in the clearings for their hard work. When the bishopric castle in Kroměříž burnt down in 1752, he donated large sums towards the restoration.
Count Troyer died on February the 5th 1758 in Brno and was buried in Olomouc.