Crafts and Occupations

altAt first most of the Trojanovice inhabitants earned their living by herding sheep at the sheep folds. Thus for example the top of Radhošť was deforested until 1835 and sheep grazed there. In that year the forestry office had the Radhošť slopes forested and in this way ended mountain farming in Trojanovice. Herding sheep was superseded by agricultural economy in Trojanovice clearings. Local dwellers originally had to work as woodcutters, clear forests, fertilize the clearings. Gradually they moved on to agricultural economy.

The land was not able to sustain all inhabitants, so they had to look for other ways of earning their living. Small farmers used to combine farming with working in local textile factories, or went to work as seasonal reapers in Haná. Many men found employment in factories in Moravská Ostrava, Vítkovice and Kopřivnice. Those who did not leave the village earned some money as woodcutters. In winter people from the clearings supported their families by handicraft, such as weaving, wickerwork, woodcarving etc. Collectivization interrupted small farming and today it is virtually extinct. At the moment Trojanovice registers 52 homesteads. The other inhabitants commute to work, mostly to Frenštát p. R.